Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Ward Picnic! And a convert baptism to top it off!

Where do i begin?
Ron's baptism was at 11:00 today, and I have to say that I have never felt the Spirit as strongly as I did when I gave the talk on baptism there and then watched as Brother Williams "put his hand to the sqaure" and baptized him for the remission of sins. I can not put into words the feelings I had or the fellowship of the Saints that I felt, so I won't attempt to. All I have to say about it is, Welcome to the fold, Brother Ron Blankenbeckler.

Now, immediately after the baptism, we had our second annual ward picnic in Essex and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and I had the pleasure of going kayaking on the lake, which I haven't done since middle school. We even played a round of Bocchi! (And I almost won...)
I would just like to thank all those who organized both of the events this Saturday afternoon and say hello once again to all of the saints who were gathered there today. God Bless,



Kathy said...

Thanks, Tony for your comment on my photography blog! My first ever comment! I am very impressed with your level of conviction here in yours. I know a little something about Mormons. I wrote your Mom an email telling her how I lived in Salt Lake City for 5 years going to school at the Univ. of Utah. I had no idea that there was such an active community of Mormans here. I myself am a Unitarian/Universalist, which has deep roots in this state. John Adams was a Unitarian. Actually, I don't like to classify myself as anything other than a person on my own spiritual journey. I wish you deep self knowledge and understanding of others. May you do good things in your life. We certainly could use it in this world today! All the best, Kathy Milstein

Tony said...

Thank you so much! That is so wonderful how things turn person once put it to me that such things are not coincidences, but really God without signing his name on it. How grateful I am to him for such oppurtunities to meet new and inspiring people such as you. I wish you all the best Kathy, and please, keep in touch if you can!

God Bless,