Sunday, September 7, 2008

MIssionary work is thriving!

It has been so great to walk into the Gospel Principles class and see a steadily growing number of new faces there! There had to be almost 20 today in our ward! I am just so grateful for having both the Elders and the sister missionaries in our ward...they are so intelligent and strong in the gospel, and I can feel the Spirit as I go and teach with them. I am also grateful for the ward focusing on missionary work, and the hightened spirit that has come as a result. It has been so great to see more investigators coming into the Church, and I look forward to attending Bernie's baptism soon!

Also, on a side note, I would just like to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for all the many wonderful blessings I have recieved from him this past week, and since joining His Church in general...
Because of the people I know in the ward, I have been able to finally start my first job at Little Ceasear's under the direction of such great leaders as Brother Beal. I also have felt an increased Spirit as I have read in the Book of Mormon more regularly and attended my first year of Seminary. It is so great to be constantly strengthened before I start my school day.
The oppurtunities I now have to help the missionaries has been an eye-opener for me and will no doubt help me to prepare for my own mission. The Lord surely has answered my prayers in that regard.
Finally, he has given me the oppurtunity to grow through responsibility. With the increased amount of schoolwork I have taken on this year as a result of senior classes, and my new 'calling'
as a representative of the Stake Youth Committee, I have been lead to start managing my time more effectively, and learning what it means to start being more of a leader. I only hope that I can serve the Lord and His children to my fullest capacities.

God Bless all of you in the ward, and all who read this blog!

P.S. Special thanks to Andy Capener, who was just released from the Young Mens Presidency. Your time and devotion has not gone unnoticed, and is so very appreciated. I look forward to many more days with you and your family in the ward.


Alicia said...

Wow your life is busy! Work, School, Church Callings and trying to squeeze in a social life too! Wow! My husband has that same challenge right now... except with the additional resposiblities of Provider, Husband and Father. One thing that really helps him carry such a big load is he never works on Sunday and never does homework on Sunday. I know it sounds like that would only make things more difficult but it doesn't. It's really a miracle, kinda like paying tithing... You just pay that 10% first and everything else just falls into place... even when common sense says it shouldn't. Setting aside Sunday is the same way. Blessings are poured out that there is not room enough to recieve them.

Your enthusiasim for missionary work is inspiring. At the beginning of the year I was reading "Preach My Gospel" to accompany my scripture study. I've kinda slacked off a bit with that lately and you've inspired me to get back into studying it again. Thanks for your example!

Alicia said...

P.S. I can't wait for you to serve a mission. You are going to be so awesome! I love your enthusiasm! It's contagious.

Tony said...

Thanks alicia :)
I appreciate your reading my blog! I am glad to know someone enjoys it...and I totally agree about the Sunday thing. I make sure I don't ever work, or even do homework on Sundays... Friday and Saturday are my days to do the big things for homework :D

I am really glad that I have been seen fit by the Lord to take on such challenges, and look forward to the growth that will hopefully come from it. Still, I am sure it is nothing compared to the work of a mother! You guys work every single day for your children without any incentive for pay, and all out of love :D