Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Dance with the Spirit

Oh, what a day it has been!
If there is one thing I love about being a Mormon, it is taking one Saturday out of every month to let loose on the dance floor, not having to ever worry about crude lyrics, immodest dress, or immoral dancing. You just feel so free, and as a result you enjoy it so much! Who else gets to dance like that for a good almost three hours and then go to Church the next day? It is incredible. Especially when you can feel the Spirit at that dance. Which I did!

We had a newcomer to the dance. His name was Mitch. Rather on the small side, it would be easy to mistake him as a deacon. This wonderful kid came bravely to his first dance ever, and in the beginning you could tell that he was a bit shy about getting out there. I kept my eye on him, wanting to make sure that he didn't feel as uncomfortable as I did the first time. I was amazed and overwhelmed with feelings of joy and love as I saw so many faithful Latter Day Saint youth talk to him and introduce him. By the end of the dance, this meek teacher had, as Elder Tidwell would put it, "cut the rug," dancing with three girls and unhesitatingly rocking out in the middle of what had to be one of the biggest and most intimidating dance circles ever formed, something that I wouldn't even dare do!

That kid has some real bravery, and above all just a wonderful spirit about him. Because of people reaching out, and the Spirit that was with us at this dance, he was comfortable very soon and had soon made quite a few aqcuaintances! I was humbled to be one of them. God Bless You, Mitch! Way to go brother! We love ya!

This is just another reminder to me of why it is such a great day to be a Latter Day Saint youth in this day and age. I can't explain how impressed and happy I am becuase of what went on at the dance tonight. I love the youth of our stake.

Just goes to show you that God loves His children.

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Michaela Stephens said...

Yay for LDS youth dances! I agree wholeheartedly that stake dances were always a highlight. Now that I am married, I really miss that 3 hours of intense dancing that I could count on at least once a month. I wish there were more dances for married adults to go to besides the occasional Valentine's Day dance activity.