Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do Not Procrastinate The Day Of Your Blogging

Wow, it's been a little while, and I apologize! Between getting ready for college and other things, I haven't exactly been keeping up to date on posting the goings-on and daily things that make my life worth living :D

So I apologize for my slacking. I'll try my best to be more consistent.

Meanwhile, here is something that I just absolutely love. Photographer extraordanaire Mark Mabry has done it again.

God Bless!


Alicia said...

You'll be going to BYU Idaho right? Too bad it's not BYU Provo. We would have you come over for dinner sometime, we are just a few blocks away from that campus. When do you begin school?

Tony said...

I am going to Idaho. I start Jan 5th or 6th I think. I will be in ID on the fourth. I will be visiting UT though, and would love to take you up on that offer when I do!

I can't wait. Everyone here is so excited. One of the wonderful Elders who first taught me and his mother are arranging all the travel for me. It's incredible.

Alicia said...

I'll send you a message on fb and we can make dinner arrangements when the time gets closer. My husband would be excited to meet you. He has read your blog with me many times.