Friday, February 13, 2009

Alicia, this one is for you!

I am sure you will love this video...not only does it have wonderful scenes. but beautiful music taken from the cd "stories of Jesus" by Melanie & roger hoffman (you can find it on Itunes! Great buy)

Be sure to watch it in HQ (high quality)

So cool!!! (haha, I must sound like a giddy elementary school kid)


Alicia said...

That is really cool. I showed it to my son who is getting baptized this year. This was perfect for him. I like how they put the "remember" song after the baptism song. That's the most important "always remember Him" and keep His commandments. Did you say you know these people who put this together? That's really cool. This comming Monday we are doing a FHE on baptism and we are having my niece over who is not a member of the Church. This came at perfect timing. We will use it in our lesson. Thanks for sharing!

Tony said...

Awesome! That is so great that you have that oppurtunity...and I am glad you enjoyed it. I send my congrats to your son for when he is baptized :D

Alicia said...

Just wanted to let you know we used this video for our FHE on was great because we had a hard time getting them to sit still and listen but when we showed them this video they were glued and the whole spirit of the room was changed. Thanks!

Tony said...

Awesome! I am so glad that it did! That is so cool...kudos to the person who made the vid!

I'll have to post things like that more often :)