Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why I Have a Renewed Gratitude for the Priesthood

So let me get right to it. As those of the G-town ward may very well know, we had a new young man join the Deaconship of the Aaronic Priesthood just last Sunday. It was a truly humbling experience as I joined the circle of brethren who proceeded to place their hands on top of Drew's head as Brother Capener gave the most heartfelt and Spirit-filled blessing I have ever heard. Needless to say I felt the Spirit of God confirm to me that he recieved the Holy Priesthood of God, the power to act in His name. I am reminded of the feelings I had as Brother Capener ordained me to the priesthood not too long ago. It amazes me just how fast it has all been! In any case, I intend to fulfill my duties as a priesthood holder to the best of my abilities, and to support my brethren with all my heart.

Truly, Thou art a merciful and loving God! Thank you Father :)

P.S. Nice job passing the sacrament Drew!