Friday, November 27, 2009

What the Movies Have Taught Me About The Gospel

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the movies 2012 and A Christmas Carol(3D).

I was rather surprised as I found there were things that really stuck out to me in both movies and even a common theme found in both of them. This may not come as a shock to others who may have sensed elements of the Gospel of Jesus Christ while viewing certain films but I just wouldn't expect to have such things revealed to me through an outlet like Hollywood.

Regarding 2012, I was amazed at just how realistic (and frightening!) the destructions that came upon the inhabitants of the earth were. I was surely thankful for our knowledge that the end will not come in 2012 as some have assumed the Mayan calendar indicates, but more thankful for the reminder of the need to prepare now, to be repenting and be righteous now, in the days that will surely lead up to the Second Coming.
I was rather impressed when I saw the bond between the main protagonist in the film, portrayed by John Cusack, and his children. In such a time of tragedy, the father, his daughter, and especially his disaffected son and ex-wife were able to truly come together and understand and express their love for each other. They came to see what really mattered most. In the words of Cusack in the film, "wherever we are together, that is home."

In Disney's modern adaption of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, I was struck by how powerfully they were able to get moral messages across through the use of intense visuals and special effects. Again, I was struck with the need to reach out to others not just during this Christmas season but always, and again the importance of families and the need for all to know of the sealing ordinances of the temple that allow families to endure for eternity.

You never know where you may find inspiration. In this instance, it was smacking me in the face. Figuratively, of course. The 3D was good but not that good.